Freshfountain Consulting Limited is a Nigerian Registered Firm with a global vision of partnering with Organizations to discover and harness hidden values that directly impact on efficiency of management processes aimed at satisfying customer demands, while upholding stakeholder mandates.
We are a firm with multi-faceted skills that are well aligned into core competencies that cover the wide range and demands of today’s businesses as well as providing a platform for tomorrow’s versatile enterprise.We have a culture of putting clients first and readily going the extra mile to support your best interest at all times; in the fastest way possible. This has helped us to focus on delivering projects to specifications, within planned timeline and budget.

Featured Services




Full Management System Implementation.
Management System Audit and second party verification.
Management System Training.
Management System Documentation.
Customer Satisfaction Monitoring & Evaluation.
Performance Management & Benchmarking.

Customer Service Audit and Survey
Customer Requirement Review
Customer Communication Enhancement
Customer Satisfaction Monitoring and Evaluation
Performance Improvement and Employee Satisfaction Survey
Strategic Benchmarking
Work place Diversity Strategy
Process Re engineering, Management and Review.
Strategic Recruitment and Structured Advisory Services.
Outsourced Services and Franchise Management.
Project Consultancy and Procurement Liaison

Our Core values

Quality & Timely Service 100%
Professionalism 100%
Competitive Pricing 100%
Information sharing 100%
Confidentiality & Business Continuity 100%

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